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About Us

Mark Macias, Owner/Founder

Mark Macias, a man of integrity and honesty, believes that a business should be able to have a stable beginning without the stresses of what “Corporate America” has given as examples.  He started this business in hopes to assist those who are starting out and need someone who will stand by there side and make sure they get the online tools necessary.  We are a Christ-Like business and feel that everyone should be treated with the same kindness as Christ has shown the church.

He is not in it to make money rather to make dreams a reality. Mark has many talents and experience in this field, as well as many who inspire him to succeed.  In 2012, Mark married the woman who would change his life forever.  His wife is one of his main inspirations and for that he will give his 100% in the quality of the work given.  He holds a strong background in Customer Service and understands the importance of what customer’s need.

Our Awesome Work

Take a look and browse some of the sites we've done. Please keep in mind that some sites may not be in full use anymore as the owners either went out of business or site was only temporary.


Our mission is to create a site that will bring your business more traffic and to meet all your online business needs.  From web hosting to domain purchasing, we are a one shop stop.  We desire for you to succeed, therefore allowing us to succeed.  If you don’t make it, we don’t make it.